From making decisions about purchasing property to zoning and preplanning for construction, we know from experience that the early stages of a project provide the best opportunity to inject value and ensure a great final product. It is our duty to ensure that every dollar budgeted creates maximum value for finished occupied facility. We feel that the most effective way to control costs on a project is accurate, detailed planning during pre-construction. We provide detailed estimating and extremely specific job scoping for subs prior to and bid. Our pre-construction team helps clients make timely, informed decisions before final plans are fully developed. We feel that honest and open dialogue between all parties in the pre-construction phase leads to the greatest outcome for the client.

Preconstruction sets the stage for the whole building project. 



For clients who prefer a single source to undertake the responsibility for design and construction, the design/build method is a great option. Rodda Construction provides design services through the selection and hiring of an architect firm and consultants. We then seamlessly transition into the construction phase. Here, we have the programs and procedures in place to plan and coordinate the performance, design, procurement, and construction functions of your facility with the objectives of completing the project on schedule and within budget. We keep the client informed and involved throughout the life of the project.

A win-win solution.


General Contracting

We’ve been a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida since the founding of our company in 1989. We coordinate subcontractors for the duration of a project. We have developed a comprehensive Quality Control System that begins the moment you become a client and continues through post-construction, operation, and maintenance. We take pride in every facility we turn over, and demand that our tradespeople and subcontractors do as well. By focusing on doing things right, we eliminate duplicate and corrective work that can delay progress and hinder the completion date. It is our goal at Rodda Construction to complete every portion of every project right the first time.

This is the heart and soul of Rodda Construction.


Construction Management

We are true construction managers! We handle everything from pre-construction, design/build, to final delivery. We establish a budget, reduce design errors and waste, and provide transparent costs throughout the project. This integrated, multi-disciplined method of management and collaboration has serious advantages to the client who believes that quality, cost, and schedule are of upmost importance. Our extensive experience gives our team considerable knowledge and skills to manage and administer projects of every size and complexity. We understand the requirements of governmental office buildings, educational institutions, places of worship, and multi-family dwellings.

This is full-service Rodda Construction at it’s finest. 


Historic Restoration

Historic Buildings are full of…well, history. Stories and time make for treasured community landmarks. Preserving those landmarks takes a special expertise. Rodda Construction has the experience you’re looking for when it comes to historic restoration and building preservation. Our construction team meticulously plans the work, and when presented with unusual challenges that are inherent to many historical structures, has the experience to provide solutions. On every historical project we emphasize architectural integrity and high caliber craftsmanship.

Let’s make history. Protect. Preserve. Restore.

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At Rodda Construction, safety is our number one priority at every job site. Our Safety Director monitors our systems and procedures at every job site to ensure we exceed safety compliance standards. Our project teams put safety first in their daily work activities. For each of our projects, a site-specific project safety plan is developed, taking into account the unique requirements and environment of that project. We conduct weekly “Toolbox Talks” with all employees and subs where safe work practices are discussed. We firmly believe that a safe work place is the key to operational excellence, eliminating injuries and property damage with the additional benefit of reducing costs.  

Our goal is for every individual to return home safely at the end of the day.



Rodda Construction, situated in beautiful Central Florida, appreciates the importance of practicing sustainable building construction. We practice environmentally sound building practices on every job site. Our team has considerable knowledge in areas of:

  • energy efficiency

  • water wise buildings

  • sustainable sourced construction materials

  • green technology

  • waste management strategies

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification

For clients who desire to achieve LEED certification for their building, we help guide them through the LEED application and certification process. 

Do the right thing.

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